State-of-the-Art Bottleless UV Water Cooler

Sage Water Coolers


Introducing a sleek counter-top water cooler / water dispenser in several finishes that will transform your basic tap into an unlimited supply of pure, great-tasting, environmentally friendly water.

Height: 13.4"

Depth: 13.6"

Width: 11.8"

Weight: 25 lbs.

The Sage Classic Water Cooler/Water Dispenser is a State-of-the-Art water filtration and UV system to purify your existing tap water and remove 99.99% of all contaminant and bacteria! Your health is too precious not to have a Sage Classic Water cooler!

Note: The cooler comes with tubing to plug into the cooler and into the inlet at a home/office.  Components to hook up a cooler to the main water line are not provided.  Installation suggestion:  either T off a refrigerator Ice/Maker line OR purchase and install a Universal Ice maker supply line.

    • One touch digital panel buttons for Hot, Cold and Room temperature water right at your fingertips!
    • Sleek and stylish, no heavy plastic bottles to store, lift or replace
    • Sophisticated design, combined with its advanced filtration technology and UV Purification system is a must-have for your home or small office.
    • Programmable LCD interface for Temperature programming of hot, cold and room temp water!
    • Child Hot Water Safety Lock Programming
    • Sleep & Timer Functions
    • UV & Carbon Filtration System
    • LCD Notification for UV Lamp & Filter Changes!
    • Eliminate costs of water ordering, delivery, shopping and storage
    • Comes packed with (1) Filter and (1) UV Light!

Has an advanced Programmable LCD interface for programming of hot, cold and room temp water temperature from 41 degrees F - 208 degrees F! Programmable Child Safety, Date Time, Energy Saver/Sleep Time Functions. LCD Screen alerts when UV Lamp or Filters need replacing!

Americans consume roughly 10 billion gallons of bottled water per year. Not only is bottled water grossly overpriced (sometimes 1000x the cost of the water), but is also harmful to the human body and the environment. 48% of bottled water is derived from municipal water sources, not from a majestic, pure, snowy mountain spring like they lead you to believe.

Traditional water coolers have helped cut down consumption somewhat, but lack essential features. That's where Sage comes in. Our cooler eliminates the need to haul 5 gallon containers to and from the cooler. Just connect our cooler to your home water supply and you have great tasting, clean, quality water -- cold or boiling.

With help from customers like you, we strive to make the world a cleaner, healthier place, one Sage Cooler at a time.

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